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Let’s talk about success baby… lets talk about you & me!

OK OK, sorry if you're going to spend the rest of the day walking around singing Salt-N-Pepa! But this is such an important topic I wanted to grab your attention! So now your here lets dive in... I want to chat all things success & more importantly what your version of success looks like.

When was the last time you stopped asked yourself, what success really looked like for you?

This has been a hot topic for so many clients I’ve worked with recently. I think it’s mostly because since the pandemic has picked us up and turned our lives upside down we are now in the fortunate position of been able to rebuild what we want our lives to look like and more and more people are starting to question what success looks like to them… Woo hoo you hear me cry! If there’s one thing I buzz off that’s people taking ownership of what they want their future to look like!

A lot of the time we get caught up climbing the ladder of life with the dangly carrot of success being flaunted at the top. Most of these steps are dictated by society through family values, colleagues, social media & peer pressure which dictates to us what we should define success as.

Often this looks like striving for a new promotion or new job title or perhaps earning a certain amount of money but what would it bring to your life if you were to tear up the rule book & redefine what your version of success looked like? What if happiness & fulfilment became the prize? Well it would shift your goal & therefore it would change what you are striving for in life. You would start to say no to more things & that in turn would start to open new & exciting doors for you.

If you are sat there scratching your head thinking "Yep, I really have no idea what success looks like to me" then panic not...

Follow these three simple steps to help you start defining what success really looks like to you:

1. Imagine yourself in 40 years from now… what will you look back on in your life & define as success? What was your impact? What is your legacy? Is it a tangible output... money, status, car? Or is it how you feel and how you made those around you feel?

2. Ask yourself what’s important to you? Get clear on your core value system & how these elements can help you redefine your version of success? Often we see people striving for more money but money isn't a value for them? Don't get me wrong money might allow us to live our values but it isn't the primary focus. So striving for more money will leave us feeling unfulfilled, where as focussing on our values to generate money... now that's what success looks like!

3. Stop & ask yourself how this new awareness if different & ask yourself what's changes are you going to make now you know what your idea of success is? Ask yourself who am I being & what am I doing when I fulfil this new meaning of success?

Of course all of this sounds simple of paper but if you are looking for a helping hand to explore what success looks like to you & if you are curious about how coaching can help you create a life of happiness & fulfilment then book a free taster call...

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