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6 signs to spot if a lack of Self Belief is holding you back from success and how to overcome this

Let me let you in on a little secret.... We are all Imposters. I know you feel like you're the only one BUT no one has their shit together all of the time, no one knows the answers to it all & no one can single handily take on huge responsibility & keep their heads above water. So if whether associate with having imposter syndrome, occasional self doubt or even if you just sometimes feel you are not good enough then stop. The chances are you are comparing yourself to someone else’s external persona – what they chose to put out to the word & not what is really happening. Have you ever heard of the swan theory? Above water the swan appears to be gliding gracefully through the water but underneath the water is a different story… it’s legs & peddling hard & picking up all sorts of weeds along the way!

The difference is these people aren’t letting the belief in their own abilities hold them back… so whatever that thing is that you really want for yourself. Be it more joy & ease in your current career, more clarity & time to focus on the things that really ignite you or you have a burning desire you want to bring to life? Self belief is your fast track ticket to that thing…

Ask yourself if you associate with any of these listed below & if the answer is yes then working on your mindset & Self Belief is going to transform your life…

1. You strive for Perfection…

…you consider yourself a perfectionist. You set extremely high standards on yourself & berate yourself if you don’t achieve this standard. Often you procrastinate or put off doing something until the time is right.

Try… embracing mistakes as learning & take action just before it feels comfortable to do so

2. You seek the validation of others…

you wait for permission to take action & feel the need to prove yourself to to others. This may show as workaholic tendencies & the inability to switch off from work. You also find feedback hard to hear

Try… looking inwards & practice seeking self-validation. Do not outsource your power! When receiving feedback try to reframe it as not personal

3. You feel you should get things “right” all the time

You judge yourself harshly on how quickly you pick up new skills & expect to get them right all the time? You believe you should be able to perform to exceptionally high standards all the time

Try… taking messy action & seeing yourself as a work in progress

4. You are avoiding challenges…

… you feel uncomfortable pushing yourself outside your comfort zone. If you don’t try then you can’t fail. You see failure as the worst possible outcome

Try… Reframing failure as an opportunity to learn. Take small steps & celebrate the wins not matter how small they are

5. You struggle to ask for help….

…You feel you should be able to do everything by yourself & that asking for help is a sign of weakness. You feel uncomfortable putting other people out by asking for help

Try… Practice asking for help, even if you are confident with a task. Reframe asking for help as way to make the other person feel valued

6. You feel you don’t know enough...

… you feel you don’t know enough to apply for new roles or take on new responsibility. You will make sure you study every detail until ready to take action… this is a form of procrastination

Try… to practise on the job learning, according to the 70/20/10 model 70% of personal development should be on the job learning. Give yourself permission to start learning through action

If you are sat there thinking that even one of these things is affecting you then worry not... I have just the solution for you! Join my FREE - yes free! Unlocking Unshakable Self Belief Challenge - 14th -19th September. It will consist of 3 live Group Coaching calls along with a dedicated FB group to support & hold you accountable!

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