Creating inspired leaders in their own lives

Time to really get to know who YOU are & step into the most important role you will ever have...


  • Have you lost your self identity?

  • Struggle to tap into your full potential

  • Feel stuck on a path unable to navigate your way to happiness?

  • Have a dream that just feels that little bit out of reach?

My purpose is to empower you to recreate your life your way.

I believe you possess the answers to unlock the future you desire. My job is to hold a mirror up to your potential, cheer you on & open your mind to new perspectives, whilst focussing your attention on what YOU really want & the steps you need to take to make the dreams reality.

I believe that for you to be the best parent/friend/boss/partner you have to first invest in you...


Creating a safe & confidential space dedicated to YOU which will allow you to: 

Boost confidence & stop self-sabotage

Carve a new path in life

Set goals & be held accountable

Protect mental health & wellbeing

Turn dreams into reality


Do you give yourself permission to invest in you; allowing uninterrupted dedicated time for you, your goals & personal development?

I spent my early career striving to reach the next rung on the corporate ladder as quickly as possible but over time I became increasingly dissatisfied and my professional self felt jarring against my personal goals & aspirations.

With Kate's expert guidance I was able to uncover my priorities and the confidence to make decisions that better align with my values.

- Carmen Fellows

 Retail Buying Manager

This was my first experience of life coaching but something I had been considering for a while. I'm so happy I found Recreative Coaching. My sessions would always leave me feeling motivated & empowered.


Kate has a wonderful way of bringing out the best in you, inspiring you to set and work towards your goals. I learnt so much & thoroughly enjoyed the process. I would highly recommend Kate to anyone”

- Colette Slack

  Event Manager

“Working with Kate has been a game changer for me in moving forward with what I want to achieve. Kate has a natural ability to worm out & work on the things that hold me back, helping me to gain a better perspective. I've gained such momentum since I started working with her. I couldn't recommend her enough.”

- Nikki Rodgers

  Business Owner

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